FIT FOOD (English Edition)

FIT FOOD (English Edition)


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50 easy & healthy fitness recipes in one book.

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  • Lots of high protein recipes
  • Recipes for weight loss and muscle gain
  • Recipes in both imperial (ounces) and metric (grams) counts
  • No supplements necessary (of course possible to use them)
  • Majority of the recipes are vegetarian with selected vegan recipes or tips to convert to vegan

Until recently, it was popularly thought that healthy nutrition for athletes and fitness enthusiasts has to be monotonous and impractical. Yet author Philipp Stief, dubbed “Mr. Healthy Food”, has been pushing high performance food in a new directi- on with his revolutionary recipes. ‘High performance food for men & women needs to be simple, healthy and delicious – wi- thout excessive meat consumption.’ That is Phil’s credo. Everyone can meet their protein requirements without taking dietary supplements and enjoy delicious meals while attaining their dream figure, whether it’s sexy and sleek in a bikini or a lean mu- scular beach body. Every day, Phil inspires thousands of people on his YouTube channel with his innovative fitness dishes.
The recipes themselves are surprisingly simple. Many ingredients are either common items found in every kitchen or can be purchased inexpensively at the supermarket. FIT FOOD places an emphasis on eating clean and avoiding industrially proces- sed foods. Most of the recipes are perfect for those who love eating vegetarian food and specially selected vegan dishes are also featured. FIT FOOD includes over 50 recipes to provide you with a solid nutritional foundation for a healthy and strong lifestyle.


Selected photos from the German edition below. English version completely redone in the English language with both metric (grams) and imperial (ounces) details.